This is not our old world that is changing but a brand new one that is materializing. It’s still humble, inconspicuous, somewhat subdued though it’s laboring, it’s taking shape, it’s flourishing.

Sabine H.’ craft

With a little bit of luck, you might cross paths with Sabine, somewhere, in one corner of our planet. Indeed, it has been 8 years since Sabine and her knack at supervising coaches have been chased in France, Europe and …well, all over the place. And that would be because she wants to drive the whole world back to the forgotten joys of life and generosity and yes, believe it or not, it includes the corporate world and the coaches. A tad daring perhaps?

In essence, Sabine is a sublime benevolent provocateur and uninhibited humanist. She illuminates your minds and your hearts. As a recognized supervisor of coaches she creates spaces of supervision where she reaches out to you to recharge your batteries, sharpen your “coaching touch” and invites you to explore new paths. Her smile enchants you, her questions engender intense emotions. Her sheer presence is the anchor. Her finesse at relationship innovations is arguably akin to wizardry.

“I am convinced that bringing humanity back to the core of the corporation is vital. We must also ensure that honest, efficient and energizing relations prevail.”

The Experience

Working with Sabine will immerse you into a profound, sometimes life changing experience because, though you might feel a tad shaken at times, all she does is lined with benevolence, humanity, accuracy, efficiency and a smile, or two. Well, every ingredient that makes the coach that she is: a tough cookie, filled with crunch, sweetness and joy. 

For the past 20 years, top executives and squads have succumbed to her out-of-nowhere success strategies.

Sabine in a nutshell

She speaks three languages and lives in Paris

A supervisor, an author and a human artist

A recovered business lawyer and former HR Talent Director

A choice generator and joy creator

Sabine’s full scope



Sabine’s backbone

As a recognized supervisor of coaches, she will provoke you with generosity, will question your beliefs, routines and patterns so that you can explore new possibilities and coach your clients with courage and integrity.

Sabine has one foot in all disciplines and one foot way off…
She combines sensibility, rigor, creativity… and her smile.
She loves shaping new frames with spirit, joy and pragmatism.

Her finesse at relationship innovations is arguably akin to wizardry.